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gold star for sachi! (and pi day)

I have just completed a three day work weekend, containing two 8-hour days, while I was sick with a fever and other evil things, and didn't fall apart. Nothing terribly bad happened. I am at the finish line, and this is SO going down in my big metaphorical book of Things Done Well OMG Lookie See I Really Did Them! I'm so psyched.

My supervisor asked me to fill in for a 9:45-6:15 shift tomorrow, because they're short-staffed and it's buuuusy, but then told me I "didn't have to" because I'm sick and she doesn't want me to get "worse instead of better." My workplace is awesome and human and I am loved and this is good. I'm tempted to do it, because hey, I'm riding high on 3 days and why not try 4, but I don't want to ruin a good thing. And I *am* sick, and I really would like it to go away, even though I have just proved that I can work with this. So I am in the enviable position of being able to *choose* tomorrow morning whether or not I go in to work. Yay!

And pi day, the update: Unless I'm reallyreallysick I will be at Pi Day!! Temporary mental crisis has been overcome, and reason has once again set in. Also, potentially the work crisis. We hired a new staff person today (he was in the toddler program at the ashram homeschool while I was in the school... it scares me that he's now of working age), and I looked at the adjusted schedule... and I think I might be able to get out of work as early as 4 on Friday! Also, froggoddess and fibonacci both offered me rides AND I realized that the town is less than an hour from me, so I can totally handle that. Now that the fears have been put to rest, I'm so psyched. :)

5 (more) good things about today:

1. Dinner with Mumsey who was on a program!high.

2. CUTEST. THING. EVER. happened at work. EVER. This adorable *adorable* two year old (cutest age EVER... when you are not the parents who must deal with it 24/7) came into the shop with her mom while I was putting away a whole huge order of little essential oils bottles, and this adorable little girl hung out with me for like half an hour and "helped" me while her mom shopped. IT WAS SO CUTE! I taught her The Wonder Of Bubble Wrap (there was MUCH delight) and she would pick up bottles and put them where I told her (and had an amazing spatial memory... she picked up a few bottles and put them in her "purse" and then took them out and put each one back exactly where she found it even though there is NO WAY to tell them apart without being able to read the labels). And it made my linguist day, because at first she was just saying a word or two at a time and pointing, so I didn't think she spoke that well yet, and then she comes out with SENTENCES and we had CONVERSATIONS! "I just saw Nemo!" (omg concept of *relative time!* or... at least mimicking it) "That's the one with the fish, right?" "That's right!" (*squeee*) "I saw that movie! I like Dorry the best. Do you remember Dorry?" "The one's my best friend." (awwwww.) And then later, when she kicked my foot as she was walking behind me, she said "I'm sorry," and nothing is cuter than drilled-in politeness in a two-year-old. ;) *happybabyswoon*

3. Got to see my friends in the YTT for a few minutes, which was so nice, because they looked just *blissed out* with yoga.

4. Found out the super-awesome celtic-prayer-singer-program-director-woman who everyone (including me) *adores* thinks I'm "a joy"! Hee!

5. RED SOX BASEBALL (Spring Training is called "grapefruit league" and this cracks me up) IS ON TV TOMORROW AND THEN AGAIN ON MONDAY. It's baa-aaack...

(BONUS! 6. Supervisor complimented me on my Hauschka display. Either she was just being nice to me to be nice, or she really thought it was cool, and either way that's a good thing!)

(BONUS! 7. Carob cake at dinner was TO DIE FOR. I love dessert night.)

3 things I did well:

1. Put away essential oils that had been awaiting attention all week (with a helper squeee!)

2. Didn't get stressed out by multitasking -- even closed a register while waiting on customers.

3. Going to bed *before* reading flist for need sleep. (I love my bed more than you, sorry!)

random addendum: All day I have been wearing, on my work shirt, a bright yellow monkey sticker that says "clueless but happy." :-D

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