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eek! edited subject: why yes, I *did* just pimp myself

Someone on my friendslist reminded me (now I forget who... see why I need reminding of things?) that the Sam/Jack Fanfiction Awards are only open for voting for the next few days! This month totally flew by, eep, and I have lots to read now. (Yay!)

Which means it has been an entire month in which I didn't squeee gratefully at people for nominating me. (And for nominating me in the Sam/Janet Fanfic Awards, too, which totally threw me for a loop until I realized there was a Janet/Other category. Ohhhh. But now, of course, I'm going to read a whole bunch of The Other Other S/J fic and get converted.)

And I survived my work weekend and there is baseball on my TV (and Boston's up 5-4)! (I just got home and turned on the TV, and am all "who the heck ARE all these players?" But the NESN Red Sox theme music is making me squeee. Yeah, so much for my worries that I wouldn't be into it after they won the series...) OH MY GOD THEY JUST SAID "WORLD CHAMPION SPRING TRAINING"!! (It really happened! Eep!)

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