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a little closer to caught up... (and POLL! my reviews are so interactive!)

What's more amusing than Stargate? Stargate with my mother. (That is joy sadhana #1, by the way).

Full Alert: So, someone said "reckoning" on the previews, so I spent the whole episode thinking this was going to be a 2-parter called "Reckoning", and this, as I am all spoiler-free, seemed totally possible and left me going "...!?" when they wrapped up the storyline.

Regardless, this episode had RUSSIANS!! And I loved it for other reasons, too... but... RUSSIANS! And not just ANY Russians. Russians making fun of Daniel's accent. OMG. YES.

I loved all the characters in this episode -- I like Sam being angst-free and thinky again, Daniel being *funny* again, Jack being THERE again... and Teal'c is still hot. My mother was even all, while Kinsey was shooting at him, "that guy's arms are... doesn't that make him an easier target?"

First thought of the episode: WTF!? Why is Jack carrying a gun to the supermarket? I just have no good explanation for this. My mom: "He's American!" (This from the woman who really resented how ALL of our Canadian friends asked us 'have you bought a gun yet?' every time we talked to them for the first FIVE YEARS after we moved to the States.) After the whole Ninja incident I can support Sam carrying one, but come on. No one is going to mug Jack in rural Colorado. Er... well... I suppose it's possible ninjas could try and jump him, too... *throws hands up in the air.* The problem with watching episodes weeks late is that everything has been previously wanked.


Did anyone in the audience NOT scream "SYMBIOTE!" when the dude opened the box?

The briefing room scene almost made me a slasher.

I think I already mentioned how much I loved that the chick mocked Daniel for his accent. It bears mentioning again. (Russians! Russians! Russians!) (And, yes, the Dan/Jan 'shipper in me noticed that she was petite and stacked and a brunette, happy now? But Daniel SO LEFT HER TO FRY with those bad Russians, so maybe we shouldn't make that comparison.)

COLD! WAR!! And I love that Carter's all "wha?" when Jack's all telling her about how we're going to be mutually annihilated.

This would have been an awesome episode to display that Jack totally speaks Russian (because he totally does). Because the Russian President wouldn't talk to Chekhov in English. And I would have LOOOOOVED Jack to cut in (in English) and respond to exactly what they're saying, and then get a nice stunned reaction shot from Walter and Sam ;)

Kinsey "dies". Mumsey: "Huh. No more paychecks for that guy." Me: "First rule of science-fiction television: They're not dead unless you see a body and your show hasn't just been picked up for another season."

Anyway, the military research department for Stargate had a field day with this one, and got to throw in all kinds of fun trivia. I realized that I just had no chance in HELL of understanding the X-Files mytharc because this is Stargate, and they like to recap everything in frequent clip shows and previouslies and with lots of expository dialogue and I STILL can't remember what happened to the NID and if they became the Trust or what. Oh well!


I enjoyed this episode *much* more the second time around. And my mom liked it too! And she likes Shep, cuz he's "funny"... and because he REMINDS HER OF MULDER. I had a brain moment of "OMG! How could I have MISSED this!?!???" And then... I realized that the comparison really doesn't make any sense. They do both have dorky hair, though. My mom did really like Chaya. I got thrown because we had closed-captioning on, and I work with someone named Chaya, but she pronounces it differently. And then I got really excited because we used to sell necklaces like the one she wears in the shop. Wheee!

My 'ship glasses are still fully functional, but I enjoyed taking them off for this and just enjoying the cute, genuinely Star Trek-like romance. I can't decide if John pulled a Captain Kirk or a Captain Picard here... I'd say it's almost more of the latter (because she chooses Honor And Duty above him, mostly, a la Kamala in The Perfect Mate -- bestshippyepisodeEVER!), except that it's possible he got play. Actually, let's have a poll on the subject:

How Far Did John Get?

Just kissing. After all, the confrontation with Rodney was that same night and Chaya looked rather unrumpled. And this show is rated PG -- they leave the non-MPAA-approved ratings to the fanfic writers.
S-E-X. I mean, he was all supah-defensive and he wouldn't be all about their *connection* if they hadn't... *connected.* Plus, her ancient coolness keeps her hair pristine.
There *are* a few bases between first and home, you with the baseball metaphors. What, you think that good girls don't do that in the Pegasus galaxy?
Nothing! It didn't happen! His love for Elizabeth / other is SO PURE already! AU! AU! AUGHHHH!!
Maybe some kind of sekrit alien foreplay for the ancient mind-meld-y thing?
... you can get farther than kissing? I think I missed that section of health class. Tell!
Other (and if you check this one, I might make you write it in fic. Or at least explain in comments.)

And what did you think about Sheppard Captain Kirking it up?

Wheeeee! Hero-spermz for everyone!
Awwwww, squeee! They were cute together!
It hurts my monogamous 'shipper SOUL! NOOOOO!! I'm never watching this episode again!
Well... it's good for the angsty 'shippy post-eps. ... now will someone write an angsty post-ep, please?
It's okay, as long as he was thinking about [select all that apply: Elizabeth / Teyla / Rodney / Ford].
He shouldn't make a habit of it.
It's okay as long as he notches it into the table of iniquity.
It didn't really count, since Chaya totally brainwashed him with her sekrit Ancient powerz.
Other (please specify)

Um... I lost my train of thought. Oh! Right. I've been paying special attention to how defensive Sheppard is in all situations that might involve emotional connection -- I first noticed it in the scene where Elizabeth visits his quarters in "Home" and it's all but spelled out in big block letters (signed TEYLA) in this episode. I think [partner of your choice] (read: Elizabeth) has her work cut out for her to get through that. At least we've discovered that it isn't difficult to get him to attack your head for a makeout session.

The "Can we have a minute?" "NO!" in the briefing room still cracks me up.

And more from ShipWatch2005: Elizabeth lets him go off in the puddle-jumper ALONE, although Teyla was right there and totally could've gone along with him. This is definitely a nice gift she's giving him (as a friend), because he's got Stuff To Resolve and needs to clear his head and... do whatever... but it also could go provisionally into the column of "Elizabeth Can Behave Irrationally Where John Is Concerned" that we've been tallying up this week in various comment threads. And I also just love the shot through the jumper window of Elizabeth running around the balcony to keep him in sight while she yells at him. HA! Way to use the set, director-people!

Verdict: I still kinda think the Ancients are dorky and lame and annoying in ascended form... but less so now.

And the mind-melding is just WAY less creepy when it's uncoerced, thank you, Orlin. Okay, who thinks Chaya totally calls him on the Elizabeth UST after reading his mind? I DO. And that bunny is MINE.

Yay!! That was a fun way to spend my evening! And with a fire in the woodstove, tooooo. Mmmm. *sings* "The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful..." (And I've started singing seasonal songs out of season, so, BEDTIME!). I think all of this can count for gleee, don't you? And I accomplished things: I went to work to help out even though I didn't have to, I left at 2:30 to preserve my health, and I filled my vitamin box thinggy for next week (I have one of those old-people-vitamin-boxes and it is SO GREAT).

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