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"last night I dreamt you cut off all your hair..."

theifed from... everyone... but this version's from aj

In doing this meme it has become apparent *exactly* how much my once-remarkable remember-every-conversation-word-for-word memory has been chewed into pieces. But I try, with bitching on the side:

Last Cigarette: Last *whole* cigarette was age 18.
Last Alcoholic Drink: Best. Mudslide. EVER. at Dave & Buster's with jupiterempath. And that was the end of January. You never realize how nice a vice is until fear of exploding internal organs and brain damage makes you find temperance. But at least it was a nice last drink to have. And mono still sucks.
Last Car Ride: Just now. GLEEE.
Last Kiss: I can only assume it was someone in King House, and that it was fun, and that it didn't mean anything. When was the crazy truth-or-dare-turned-topless-mock-orgy? Because it might have been that, or that random guy in Toronto in the bar on New Year's, depending.
Last Movie: The Princess Bride with keenween
Last Library Book checked out: The Art and Science of Music Therapy. And I owe fines.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: The Butterfly Effect with jupiterempath. IT WAS FREE.
Last Book Read: Currently reading The Book of Daniel by E.L. Doctorow... last book actually *finished* was either a Semantics text or To Dream in the City of Sorrows (B5!).
Last Movie Rented: The Big Chill.
Last Cuss Word Uttered: "motherfucker!", and I think I was joking.
Last Beverage Drank: CVS-brand natural spring water.
Last Food Consumed: If I can't remember, does that mean it's lunchtime?
Last Crush: Joel this summer. *sigh*
Last Phone Call: To mumsey at work.
Last TV Show Watched: Deep Space Nine, "Accession," during which I may or may not have found God.
Last Time Showered: A few hours ago.
Last Shoes Worn: Boots. There's two feet of snow on the ground.
Last CD Played: It's a cassette, and I got it for three dollars, and it's self-titled Tracy Chapman from the 80s.
Last Item Bought: By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder at the used book store next to the chiropractor, because I only have it in Russian, and that seemed weird.
Last Download: Nobody Number One by Over the Rhine.
Last Annoyance: Why has the Rhode Island post office decided I don't exist and returns-to-sender all my mail?
Last Disappointment: Missing Rush and not doing what I'd like to as social chair for being sick.
Last Soda Drank: Coke, two weeks ago, before "essence"
Last Thing Written: "Second Chances"
Last Key Used: Car key.
Last Word/s Spoken: "That's freaking hilarious."
Last Sleep: A few questions ago, on the floor of my dad's office.
Last IM: lifelongfling
Last Sexual Fantasy: I don't know, but I think it was up against a wall and I think the world might have been ending. I blame a 101 degree night temperature and genamarie.
Last Weird Encounter: Quantum Xerrion Consciousness Interface. After that? My nose started bleeding and my mother, who has also seen to much X-Files, said: "Do you think your mono is being caused by an alien implant?" I don't think she was serious, though.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: *Mint* oreo cookie ice cream! Last week.
Last Time Amused: "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets a pita."
Last Time In Love: 2002.
Last Time Hugged: Last night at Kripalu.
Last Time Scolded: Yesterday, something about not forgetting to do important things or writing things down or something.
Last Time Resentful: At the beginning of this quiz, because I want a mudslide.
Last Chair Sat In: This may be a stupid observation on my part, but don't most people sit in chairs while filling out internet questionnaires?
Last Lipstick Used: Murder Mystery Night at King House.
Last Underwear Worn: It's no more interesting than purple, sadly.
Last Bra Worn: It's just white but it's new.
Last Shirt Worn: My "grace" shirt.
Last Webpage Visited: Embarrassingly enough, to look up "resentful," to be sure it really meant what I thought it meant. And I call myself a linguist. It means "characterized by indignant ill will," and, well, I am that, when I'm not being gleeeful :).

In travel news, I will make it back to RI *tomorrow.* This bites. I wanted to go today, but the fact that I nearly killed myself driving to *Pittsfield* and that I needed a nap to complete this online quiz made me suspect this is a bad idea.

And public lauding: I love saidshe and pirateelmo for taking over the wineandcheesepizzaandbeer night. I might not have literally *died,* but there would have been lots of pathetic sleepy tears. I can't even express how much you rule for that, and with everything, too. For this you deserve adulation, chocolate, and sex with the party/ies of your choice on the roof of Wilson Hall. I'll arrange it once my cosmic powers of manifestation are restored to me.

-- Little Red, who gets annoyingly verbose on-line when she's home alone and apologizes.

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