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*punches timecard at the door*

Am off to w0lfstar's for a weekend of INSANE GEEKINESS in the form of knitting, potential baking, and me catching up on the past two months of Enterprise, Stargate, Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica! It is more than possible that we will end up online to babble about our exploits at some point during the weekend, otherwise, I will see y'all... er... later. If something reallyreallyreally important happens in your life that I need to know about, comment here! Or if you post Sheppard/Weir fic, which counts as reallyreallyreally important.

Kappas: If any of you, for any reason, want to talk to both of us in the same place, call either of our phones, yay. keenween, if you receive a phone message with just girlie shrieking, that'll be secret code for "WE FINALLY WATCHED IT AND YOU WERE RIGHT!"

Everyone else... er... I leave you with a fic rec and some Atlantis-geeky thought: nostalgia_lj wrote Sympathetic Magic, which is so beyond perfect, and I realize that I totally picked the wrong 'ship for this show. Because the cultural differences between the Athosians and the Earthlings is the most interesting thing and it's never dealt with on the show, and Sheppard/Teyla would be the perfect venue for exploring that. And no, I haven't turned coat yet, because I think those differences between them could be explored better as friends, but I'm just saying. (The fic, btw, is probably *not* safe for most of the Sheppard/Teyla 'shippers on my list, for it has teh sexx0rz.)


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