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mission accomplished!

I have caught up with Enterprise, SG-1, Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica.

My brain has exploded with squeee. So much sci-fi! Perhaps more later, of a spoilery nature, but there was wailing and shrieking and squeeeing and bouncing up and down, and lots of pausing and rewinding, and the occasional Atlantis music vid on the big screen! And no, we're not telling you how many times we watched "It's Just Porn, Mom."

(w0lfstar, to boyfriend on phone: "So, what WOULD get you to watch Atlantis?"
boyfriend: "Naked women."
us: "YES!!")

keenween? YOU WERE SO RIGHT. (edit: I mean, about the episodes and us shrieking and dying of joy. Not about the naked women on Atlantis.)

Easter came and went with such a whisper: we couldn't find any cadbury creme eggs. So instead we spent the day watching sci-fi and shrieking until, like, 5 in the morning.

And then the heavens opened, and they flooded the turnpike and I-87, and I got to stay in NJ another day. Yay!

There was also lots and lots of knitting. I'm not sure I actually *like* the sweater I'm knitting now, but it's the first pattern I've ever designed totally from scratch, so it's sort of an experiment anyway.

w0lfstar is awesome and I adore her, and it was SO SO SO NICE to spend a weekend with an awesome friend outside of the computer box. I miss that. And... yeah, I must needs reiterate how awesome she is. :)

I... might get caught up on the livejournal soon! If Very Important Things happened or, um, you just want attention, hail me.

Also... if you wrote post-Siege fic for Atlantis that I can now READ, comment and tell me you did? (And I imagine *everyone* wrote SG-1 fic I haven't been able to read since I've been so very delinquent... but drop me a hint?)

EDIT: And on the way home? I saw a car with a vanity plate that said "FRACK." If I knew how to make an LJ phone post, I would have done it RIGHT THEN.

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