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So if I can't come up with a subject line for my post, that's probably a good sign that I don't have anything interesting to say, right?

- My schedule at work changed. This is SUCKY, because it happened because one of my friends at work got fired, and I'm yet to figure out how to call her and go "noooooo!" while I am still working for the place that let her go. However, I now have weekends off, and that's totally unexpected and sexy, and I don't have to trade my soul for someone to cover me for alosersdream 21st birthday!

- You would think I'd have no trouble spending $60 in Staples in a single night, as I am known to have total organizational-tool religious experiences in the colored file-folder aisle, but you'd be wrong. I had Staples Bucks that my dad handed off to me for Christmas that were about to expire, and spent an hour in the store today getting more and more amusingly stressed about it, and also SAD because I can't go back to school yet and so have no use for hi-lighters with paper stickies built in! I considered getting Gira's graduation present early, but having Sims 2 in my house for MONTHS and being unable to play it would just be cruel and sad! So I spent a bunch of my own money on top of that to buy a TI-84+ graphing calculator.

Do I have anything to graph?


I have two weeks to return it if I come to my senses, but I have been craving a graphing calculator since mine got misplaced in college, and... what, a girl can't do calculus in her free time even if she's terrible at it? There's a law against this?

- There was a little cadbury egg in my mailbox at work for meeeee!! IT WAS EASTER AFTER ALL!! And because I have gone off the insane diet of insanity (since it didn't help my physical health that much and was doing QUITE a number on my mental health), I got to eat it!! And I had BREAD TODAY!! *falls at feet of glorious bread*

- The cashier at Wal-Mart told me that God will reward me a hundred-fold for being so sweet and a good friend (in regards to what I was buying and why, not in regards to being a good friend to *her*). This made me squeee sappily and think Hallmark-y thoughts for most of my drive home, because omg, I HAVE SUCH AWESOME FRIENDS!! *feels rewarded by the universe*

- We had our first proper Tae Kwon Do: The Next Generation class tonight, and it was awesome. I was probably too giddy and gung-ho, but it was SO GREAT to work out in a group again!! I will find a way around my new schedule to keep doing this, and it will continue to rock.

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