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the endless gleee of easter!


sakuracorr!! You have lurked me through the mail again! There are chocolate carrots and cleverly-origami'd reminisces to high school note-passing (your note-folding ski11z are SUPERIOR to mine, omg)! And there was something yellow and orange and fragile but I can't tell what it is now because it BROKE into many very small pieces on its way to me!! *weeps for lost thinggy* But eee! Easter joy! :)

Especially joy because I'm now off (temporarily) the Crazy Medical Diet Thing Of Not Eating Anything Except Rice And Stuff, since it wasn't being helpful, so I can actually *eat* the chocolate gleee! (In very small pieces. But still. It will prolong the easter joy.)

Thank you so much! Mail (and presents) are the best way to begin a work day! (When I first opened the paper and saw that there were holes in the top of the box, I must admit I was rather afraid that you had sent me something alive through the mail... clearly, that would have been a bad call considering how fragile packages get treated! :( )

There will be something in the mail for you SHORTLY, as it is all sitting nicely next to my door awaiting postage and Very Bad Art.

-- Little Red, who is afraid to actually count the ratio of exclamation points to other punctuation in this entry... (!!!)

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