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totally non-gratuitous icon post!

First Good Thing About Today: liminalliz redid my icon! I have been filtered and made pink and made HOT like I am a fictional teevee character! It also reminds me of that awesome party of awesomeness.

4 more good things about today:

2. Flirted with cute boy at dinner. Believe I still have it.

3. Mumsey went to CVS for me! They left out half my prescriptions, but that is okay, because I have ADVAIR! OH, BLESSED ADVAIR! No, I'm not at all addicted to my happy asthma drugs, shhhhh.

4. sakuracorr sent me MAIL! It still counts, even though I already mentioned it today.

5. Played Nat King Cole cd at work. More than once. Yayyy.

ETA: 6. (BONUS! but SO important) -- FIFTY-SEVEN DEGREES. OUTSIDE. TODAY. There are spots of water on the lake now, and we all ran around outside pretending that it was spring for real!

3 things I did well:

1. Did computery PM Anchor stuff speedily and smoothly.

2. Tae Kwon Do workout by myself after work. I filled the first row of stickers on my exercise-reward-pad thinggy!

3. Took vitamins.

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