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Little Red
25 September 2013 @ 01:18 pm
The best part of Sparktober bingo? Is the part where I generate my card and think "I COULD TOTALLY BLACK IT OUT THIS YEAR!" (I noticed I got idealistic for the second year in a row, so, maybe it's trying to tell me something.)

Sparktober Bingo 2013 by mylittleredgirl

Childhood's End
The Intruder
The Game

Brought to you by sparktober! Get your own card here!
Little Red
25 September 2013 @ 12:34 am

I needed so much google for this


Sign-up post here!

Bingo card post here!


Real life has been a bit frustrating lately, but the important things are: I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN, and it's about to be SPARKTOBER!
Little Red
25 August 2013 @ 01:36 pm
IMPORTANT: *N SYNC is totally reuniting tonight for the VMAs and I am 17 again.

I haven't had MTV since... well, since *N SYNC was popular the first time, I guess... so excuse me while I stalk youtube for clips all night. (NGL, I loved Joey the most.)
Little Red
23 August 2013 @ 07:56 pm
havocthecat and I are going to great lengths to justify yarn purchases to throw a scarf exchange for this winter/southern-hemisphere-summer! Knitting, crocheting, sewing, weaving, other soft wearable crafts are all welcome! We don't have the format totally worked out yet, but you'll get to request your fave colors and declare your local weather for wintry warm things or decorative cool things.

(We're probably going to outlaw Red Heart.)

I'm stupidly excited about this. Who's interested? :)
feel: crafty
Little Red
20 August 2013 @ 07:27 pm
Just went to Memory Alpha to check on Vulcan's gravity for a fic and the entry starts with Vulcan was an inhabited planet and I AM NOT OKAY.
Little Red
18 August 2013 @ 10:23 pm
Down-side: Because of weird hidden library errors, it just took me 5 hours to print my resume to PDF.

Up-side: I can now debug all kinds of shit on my mac using command-line programming shenanigans on the Terminal app I did not previously know existed.

Which is good, because at about hour 2 I felt like my entire resume was a lie. (I HAVE NO COMPUTER SKILLS AND CANNOT TROUBLESHOOT OR SOLVE PROBLEMS CREATIVELY AND SO ALL THAT IS LEFT IS FILING.)

Conclusion: I'm pretty sure 90% of my admin superpowers are just effective googling skills.
Little Red
16 August 2013 @ 11:27 pm
So I fell off the planet the other day while I was in the middle of responding to comments on my previous post. There was some kind of flu, or general random immune flare-up, or something. So! Misery, ineffective droogs and odd sleeping habits made for the perfect time to watch all of Orange is the New Black!

General Reaction SpoilersCollapse )
Little Red
01 August 2013 @ 11:19 pm
Thanks to anr's tech brilliance... Star Trek University is li-iiiiive!

(Well, the intro post is! More content coming soon!)

Welcome to Star Trek University: one Trekkie’s quest to learn about the art, music, literature, history and science referenced in Star Trek!*

*Note: Due to difficulty of obtaining source material, historical and cultural references from alternate universes, the future, and planets other than Earth may not be included.

Check it out at www.startrekuniversity.com/blog/!

(anr also set up an lj feed! I have no idea how it works! It's probably pulling all my half-edited posts every time I change my mind! But that's my problem. For you, it's right here: startrekuni.)
feel: excitedexcited
Little Red
28 July 2013 @ 12:45 am
Because she is!

Except for that time anr came to visit me and then defriended me from my couch.
Little Red
27 July 2013 @ 01:30 pm
First Star Trek episode that pops into your head. Any series. Go!

(If after that you also want to tell me about your fave episodes or other random Trek thoughts, that's always welcome at this journal. Always!)

Edit: Why, in the wild ocean of the internet, can't I find an all-series random episode generator for Star Trek? I can't possibly be the only person who wants this.