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dirty words

Little Red
27 June 1982
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Dust Jacket:
    I play with words and with dirt. It's not a living, but it's a good life.

    This journal contains smutty fanfic (always beneath a cut), adult language (wherever the fuck), and shameless glitter (that stuff gets everywhere).

    It also contains real person fanfic. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is intentional, but situations are entirely fictional and meant purely for entertainment.

Table of Contents:
    Dancing With the Stars: I don't know what happened here. I think the glitter and spray-tan coalesced in my brain and caused a stroke of reason. I love this ridiculous crackfest.

    Stargate: Atlantis: Sheppard/Weir is my permaOTP. I wait all year for sparktober.

    Star Trek: Star Trek is less a fandom for me than a religious affiliation. I own The Animated Series. That should tell you everything you need to know, really.

    Fic: Star Trek Of All Kinds (most often seen writing Trip/T'Pol, Dax/Bashir, Picard/Crusher, Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres, Hoshi/Travis... okay, everyone). Stargate: Atlantis (Sheppard/Weir, with occasional deviations into Teyla/whoever). Stargate: SG1 (Daniel/Janet, Sam/Jack). Babylon 5 (Talia/Garibaldi). Dancing With the Stars (Hines/Kym). Body of Proof (Megan/Kate). Jake 2.0 (Jake/Diane). SGARPF (Joe/Torri). And God only knows what else, really.

    Original: I wrote about Mars for NaNo last year. I have a dream to post serial novellas about it on here, like my very own cracky space-exploration TV show.

    Other Topics: Adventures in urban gardening, adventures in crafting, weird encounters with wild Portlanders in their native habitat, exciting personal growth experiments. Most personal things are flocked.

    Friend and unfriend at will. Lurking is totally allowed, but I usually only friend people back after exchanging a lot of "omg!" and "!!!" in comments. Fanfic is posted unlocked.

    I really love friendship fic, episode-related fic, and I'd probably do just about anything for Talia/Garibaldi fic.

    Permanent account sponsored by anr, who's the bestest best ever.
    Trip/T'Pol moodtheme and banners also by anr.
    Trek screencaps for recaps are from trekcore.com.
*flail*, 2004, amanda's wedding, anise, anna trebunskaya, anorexia, army wives, ashrams, atlantis, babylon 5, bajor, body of proof, boston red sox, but i'm a cheerleader, canadian spies, cfids, child language acquisition, chinese poker, chronic fatigue, claire/alex, costume parties, csi: original gangsta version, dancing with the stars, daniel/janet, deep space nine, delerium, delta psi, doggett/reyes, domesticity, dwts, eating disorders, ella fitzgerald, enterprise, ezri dax, fanfic, ford/teyla, frolicking, glee, gleee, gleee parties, gleee with three es, gleee!, glitter, glow sticks, hines/kym, hoshi, hoshi/travis, jake 2.0, james bond, john/elizabeth, johnny/sarah/walt, jonathan papelbon, joy, joy sadhana, julian/ezri, julian/jadzia, keeping the faith, knitting, kripalu, kris delmhorst, kym johnson, lazytown, linguistic geekiness, linguistics, lois & clark, lolcats, making lists, mayson drake, meerkat manor, megan/kate, mini!otp, mulder/scully, new england patriots, over the rhine, pants!verse, partying like it's 1999, pawsox, peanuts, picard/crusher, pool, punk nostalgia, raising hope, ramona quimby, rats, red hair, riker/troi, rpf, russian, rya'c/cassie, sam/jack, sarasvati, sci-fi friday, season one, sheppard/weir, simply annabeth, skinner on atlantis, snark, snoopy, socialist socialite knitting circle, soulless minions of orthodoxy, space penis, sparktober, sparky, spies, spiritual exploration, st a's people, st. anthony hall, star trek, star trek mirror universe, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, swimming, t'pol's mom, talia winters, talia/garibaldi, tattoos, telepathy, temptation island, terok nor, the coveted mirrorball trophy, the dead zone, the defiant, the pennant race, the prophets, the terran empire, the x-files, tim wakefield, toast, tok'ra, toronto, toronto maple leafs, trashy romance novels, trills, trip/t'pol, trot nixon, typewriters, writing, yoga, yogic philosophy